Thursday, 15 October 2015

Final Presentation

this is our final poster:
We Have proposed a focal point for the Massey Wellington campus in Mt Cook. This form has been Generated by the surrounding buildings on campus so that the form grows off what is already there. We were inspired by parametric design: using straight lines to create curves. The form infiltrates into the buildings and helps create a flowing hub to the campus. We have created a public space for students and staff to use all year round, for class, recreation and campus activities. the form flows into the campus from Tasman street, welcoming the public into the campus. the spaces created by the form flow from the inside to outside encouraging use of both environments. 

The Critique that we got:
overall they liked it. but...

things they said to change / work on:

Doing more with the lighting.
      We were a bit confused by this critique as we feel that the lighting we have already works well with the shape of the pavilion. if we had the lighting coming away from the overall shape or running down in the opposite direction of the slats it would take away from the form rather than helping it.

although we did really like the idea of LUX being about to exhibit with the pavilion so we made this to show how this could work with lighting installations.

so the lighting in the original perspective would be the normal lighting year round and then people could exhibit and bits could be turned on or off.

Add a Section of the Massey hub. here it is:

Add more of the the pavilions in other entrances to Massey.
    We had already considered this but just ran out of time towards the end and wanted to concentrate on the main form for the poster, but we have done some different hand sketches to see how this could work and flow with the other Massey Entrances and buildings.

We were also told to increase the size and scope of the plan to help people be able to orient themselves

Poster ready for presentation

Monday, 5 October 2015

1:1 Material Detail

The final result for the 1:1 material detail. The concrete didn't turn out quite how we wanted it but we know now that if we had to do it again we would take a different approach to the detail.